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Three Reasons—To Buy Branded Stainless Steel Checkered Plate Today With Hong Hock

Check the full range of stainless steel checkered plates for car plate, floor, ramp, pedal, ship deck, escalator, doors, furniture, and auto parts.
Whether you are looking for lentil-shaped, round-bean shaped, oblate mixed, or diamond-shaped, we provide these plates in various thicknesses and shapes. Get in touch with Hong Hock Hardware PTE LTD and order your lot today.
The general thickness specification of stainless steel checkered plate is 2.0-8.0mm and depends on your application requirement. Each plate has a beautiful appearance, strengthening performance, and anti-skid benefits.
These plates are commonly used in industries, such as construction, equipment, machinery, shipbuilding, equipment surrounding floor, and transportation.
Our manufactured stainless steel plates have a stable chemical composition and mechanical properties to avoid reaction with other elements. You can use these plates in a chemical plant.
Nowadays, these plates have a popular regime in shoplifting and interior design applications because of their surface finish and availability in various sizes.
In addition, mainly stainless steel plates are the best choice for the food and beverage industry and other applications because harsh chemicals do not affect them, which are aesthetically pleasing.
Now, the three reasons to buy branded stainless steel checkered plate today:
Accurate Dimension
Whether you need 3 mm thickness, 1524 width, 3048 length or 4.5 thickness, 1219 width, 2438 length, we manufacture plates in various sizes with grades like 304/L and 316/L. Expect high-quality manufacturing with accurate dimensions in the marketplace.
Minimum Maintenance
As per a plate’s dimensions and thickness, these plates are generally durable, withstand chemicals, and handle heavy foot traffic for years after installation. This product has a longer service life of processing and wearable components.
Non-Corrosive & Heat Resistant
Install it in a pipeline or wind tower; it will withstand damaging causes because of its alloy and properties. Use it for pressure vessels, marine, offshore equipment, reinforcing requirements, and various heavy equipment.
Further, and last, we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel checkered plate in all different metal grades and dimensions. Let us supply you with plates with excellent anti-skid features, high-grade stainless steel, and highly corrosion resistance properties.

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